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November 15, 2011 § 15 Comments


Last night, Kimberley reminded me that I was in the planning of a trip to Stockholm. Top one on my list of cities I want to visit very soon, truth is I know little about it. I know all the great bloggers come from there, fur is needed even on the airplane, and the Swedish houses are calling my name from there. But I don’t know where to stay, what to visit, what I can’t miss…

So, feel free to send me suggestions!


Inspiration | When in Alaska

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with Alaska. I had never thought of visiting it before, I don’t know anybody who has been there and can give me his point of view and I don’t even know how many stopovers it would take me to get there.

It all began when I started following SkinnyRunner and I read about her story. She is a very good looking runner and Alaskan but lives in South California and every Summer she goes back to her hometown to work on her family’s commercial fishing boat. How COOL is that? Her pictures and stories about a piece of land I had never read about intrigued me so much that now I can’t stop googl-ing “Alaskan sunrise”, “Alaskan sunset”, “Alaska travel guide”, “how to get to Alaska”… I stopped buying Starbucks every morning to start saving for my trip. And I also stopped smoking, not that it’s related to Starbucks but it’s an overall healthy improvement. It will probably take me a couple years to save all those euros tho. Or maybe not, since a daily Starbucks latte is an excessive almost 100 euros a month. Home-made coffee = Alaskan dreams come true.

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