Sunday mood

November 20, 2011 § 24 Comments

Sipping on a homemade cappuccino while reading VOGUE Paris by the window… I stink Glamour.


Just in | ASOS and Maradam

November 17, 2011 § 13 Comments

This morning I just realized how lucky I am. First, I got another package from ASOS with something I purchased a couple days ago, and then there was the sweetest letter you can imagine. My friend Saray from Barcelona is also a blogger and illustrator, besides being amazing and gorgeous, and she just thought about me and sent me a special drawing.

Do you recognize me?

Check out Saray’s work here and start following her!

Report | LifeStylePress PR

November 16, 2011 § 8 Comments

Last but not least, my last visit PR agency visit last week was at LifeStylePress. One of the best caterings in town, they had to ask me to stop eating two cupcakes at a time while trying to introduce the brands exposed.

Founded in 2005, this PR represents mostly Dutch brands such as Est.Her, Tango or Maei, but is currently introducing a new designer brand to the Dutch market, and I am in love with it: Milli Millu. Born in Barcelona (of course!), studied in Switzerland and now based in London, city of all trades, Mireia Lluisa-Lindh creates the new multi-task bags that can fit your laptop in emerald patent leather at the same time (see picture 5 below). Every bag is named after a fashion city, from Madrid to Amsterdam to Buenos Aires to Tokyo, and the inside of the bags is labelled with tags like “my phone”, “my laptop”, my papers”, “my things”. Now there’s really no excuse to carry around a messy purse. If you want to see the whole collection go here.

Thanks again to Jony from LifeStylePress for inviting me to visit the showroom! « Read the rest of this entry »

Diary | Week 45

November 13, 2011 § 32 Comments

2nd week of November

Christmas is here!

Working with Ohana at Starbucks as we speak…

This week was much more CHILL compared to last week but I still got some stuff done. Two press days to go, on Monday and Wednesday, Four to Six left me completely in love with some wool pieces (were those really for Summer?! Maybe Dutch summer…) and LifeStylePress, which supplied me for all the basics I need for winter (including a pair of Skechers tone-up boots that I can’t wait to try!).


On Thursday we teamed up at Fashiolista for the Accenture Innovation Award, which we won! And we could bring the trophy to the office… It doesn’t go a day without looking at it. I feel so honored to be part of this succesful family.

White Chocolate Cheesecake to celebrate

Friday was Readytofish_ borrel time packed one more time with Fashion faces from all over town, we then went out for dinner with the Fash ladies… but that’s a whole different story that involves cheap Mexican food.

Church of Fashion

On Saturday I had to clean the mess all those goodie bags made! And laundry… Because I don’t have a washing machine at home, I bring my clothes to the washing service once a month and this month it piled so much that the grand total was 12kg that I had to carry in a suitcase. Go figure. After so many dirty clothes I started to feel sick so I stayed in the whole afternoon/night eating a hell lot of pasta carbonara and candy to be ready for today’s race. At 12 o’clock I had a date: 10km race for Unicef! The race didn’t go as planned as I was feeling very weak and not well prepared and I ended up crying by the finish line. But, I am thankful that I still have two legs and I can run.

Music to run to

Diary | On my desk

November 10, 2011 § 12 Comments

Pictures of my desk (where I live in) on different days. Working at Fashiolista it sure is amazing and a daily adventure but I need to keep some basics there for surprise meetings, so after PRess Days and some madness my desk has been quite a mess lately…

Breakfast for champions!

1. iPod

2. My favorite concealers from Bobbi Brown

3. Bas for Zeeman USB

4. Laura’s keys

5. Spanish magazine!

Diary | Ohana

October 28, 2011 § 14 Comments

Ohana (Hawaiian) means family, family means no-one gets left behind or forgotten’

I have had this beautiful friend for three weeks now. I wasn’t over Moonshine’s loss when this little Lady came into my life, but truth is I still have a lot of feelings going on when I look at her. That’s probably the reason why I am so attached to her. She’s my little Princess.

In memory of Moonshine – 20/09/2011

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TV | Spotted! At the Glamour National Day

October 27, 2011 § 8 Comments

Glamour National Day (remember!)

How funny when Emilie came to me this morning and told me she saw me on TV the other night! At first I didn’t even understand why I would be on TV but I guess I was at the right place at the right time. Remember earlier this month I went to the Glamour National Day breakfast? I happened to sit next to Dutch top model Kim Feenstra and I was caught in fraganti by the camera! The program I was “in” is “Je zal het maar zijn” a Dutch TV program presented by Sophie Hilbrand (on BBN). You can see the full episode here. « Read the rest of this entry »

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