A fashion intern that runs (errands, that is).

What I mean with these 8 words is the  fusion of my two true loves/hobbies. I love fashion, and I loved it since I started reading Cosmogirl and Teen Vogue when I was young younger. I knew all the models’ names just by identifying them in the backstage pictures, and I knew by heart the trends to follow. A few years later, and after a lot of changes in my life, I find myself sitting in an office in Amsterdam doing an internship for Fashiolista.com trying to learn how to ride a bike again and enjoying life at its fullest with my love and life-sharer.

Running and/or fitness (I will explain the slash later) has become a huge part of my life. I tried every diet, every work-out, every “how-to get the celebs’ body after giving birth”, EVERYTHING, to drop a few pounds. Nothing worked. Now I am at my happy weight thanks to running. I never liked running, in fact I was never happy to have PE class in school and I would always find an excuse to not exercise. But running is easy. You just need a pair of (good) running shoes and you’re set to go. Although I prefer running on a treadmill because the rain is the main factor to plan my runs around, I always go back to running outside when I visit my parents; never knew I’d miss that house by the beach so much!


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