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November 16, 2011 § 8 Comments

Last but not least, my last visit PR agency visit last week was at LifeStylePress. One of the best caterings in town, they had to ask me to stop eating two cupcakes at a time while trying to introduce the brands exposed.

Founded in 2005, this PR represents mostly Dutch brands such as Est.Her, Tango or Maei, but is currently introducing a new designer brand to the Dutch market, and I am in love with it: Milli Millu. Born in Barcelona (of course!), studied in Switzerland and now based in London, city of all trades, Mireia Lluisa-Lindh creates the new multi-task bags that can fit your laptop in emerald patent leather at the same time (see picture 5 below). Every bag is named after a fashion city, from Madrid to Amsterdam to Buenos Aires to Tokyo, and the inside of the bags is labelled with tags like “my phone”, “my laptop”, my papers”, “my things”. Now there’s really no excuse to carry around a messy purse. If you want to see the whole collection go here.

Thanks again to Jony from LifeStylePress for inviting me to visit the showroom!


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