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November 9, 2011 § 35 Comments

Rise to fame

8 AM in the morning. I turn my laptop on and I check my e-mail while I open Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin’ on different tabs. Let’s start with Facebook; I remember the time it used to be me and my friends posting embarrassing photos of the weekend. Now it’s all about liking brands’ pages to win je-ne-sais-quoi and trying to figure out what’s the real name behind The Fashion Toast (Rumi what?). I mean, I am even subscribed to Jessica Alba’s feed.

Twitter is no different. Re-tweet and win, check my last outfit post, enter my giveaway. Nobody talks about friends and family anymore. Luckily enough, sometimes I get to see people’s pets.

Back to Bloglovin’. 8.20 AM. 155 unread posts. Some bloggers updated their blog three times while I was sleeping. It was just a 4 hours (Spanish) nap. Most common updates: outfit of the day, Sunday inspiration, Diary of the week, Versace x H&M. You know, the usual.

The point is, I check hundreds of blogs on a daily basis, mostly because of my job, second because I have little to no life. I don’t even know the name of my favorite bloggers. Sometimes I can’t remember, sometimes it’s just Sarah. With so many blogs around, we better do something big to get noticed, otherwise we’re just a bunch of casual updates that 50 people a day come across, very randomly.

But, what makes a blog a blogger to remember? For the people starting out, it’s just long skinny legs, designer bags and pictures taken by, at least, photography students. Or personal assistants, it all depends on your page views.

If I have 200+ posts on my daily read queue I expect them to be at least entertaining. If I want to see beautiful girls in beautiful clothes I better buy myself some VOGUE. If I want to see girls advertising products, I can reach them after the late hour shows. I want something that makes me remember them. Oh yeah, it’s Hanneli Mustaparta.

I want shy girls that become superwomen behind a freaking Macbook at Starbucks, a la Carrie -yes, I had to add some cliche. I want something that makes me wonder what’s the face behind the blog, where does all this come from and why.

What moves you?


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