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October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, I got to see Olivia Palermo as guest judge on Project Runway; the continuous debate on her “mean” personality since her appearance on The City intrigued me to know how she would judge the designs of the top 7 of this 9th Season. She’s also Guest Editor for PiperLime so I guess it makes sense that she was involved in this challenge.

And what an episode to make an appearance. The remaining 7 designers competing for a place in the tight Fashion industry struggled to deliver looks for the runway. The prize: being sold on The budget: $150 for two looks inspired by the 70s. Not so easy breeze. And in Anya‘s case, her budget was even lower; her money was nowhere to be found at Mood and she had to create the first look out of muslin and $11.50 worth of zebra print fabric. With the fantastic job of the editors I thought she was going to be the one packing and going home. The biggest surprise was the second look, a printed jumpsuit with chiffon in the back that made her win the challenge and is now sold online. Bert‘s second look was also sold online and it already sold out in less than a week!

Heidi loved Anya’s jumpsuit so much that she even wore it herself! Looking stunning as always; her blog is a must read.

Bert and Viktor were runner-ups, Kimberly was safe right in the middle, and Joshua, Anthony Ryan and Laura gathered together on the bottom. The last three to be judged delivered bad design, bad combinations, and Joshua even got the “honor” to be called “one of the worst designs in the history of Project Runway”. But the poor looks of Anthony Ryan sent him home and lose his chance to be the next it designer. We can really see that we’re getting closer and closer to the final when there’s only 6 designers left. Who’s your pick to win?

My top #3… Anya, Viktor and Bert.

As for Olivia, I didn’t think she was horrible to the designers, she was honest and complimented the ones that deserved it. What’s wrong with honesty then?


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