Diary | Part III

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Surprise. Surprise. Back in NL after a long weekend of too much sun.

Probably, my favorite food ever. THE Miso Soup. Favorite ingredients: tofu, mushrooms and green onions. I’m still trying to find the way to re-create it at home…

I went a little loca at Primark… The bags made a good companion to talk to in the ride back!

Homemade Dutch poffertjes with powder sugar and almond slices. Now, this is what I want to eat the rest of my life.

Boyfriend went for a little shopping trip too. He buys Tod’s; everything I own all together is less expensive than this pair of loafers. But they are OH SO NICE. Bad thing his feet are 6 sizes bigger than mine.

This is my leg waiting to go for the Yoga lesson. It’s quite a random picture.

Bas for Zeeman show. I’m still waiting for Joyce to send me non-crappy pictures, excuse mine then.

The Bas for Zeeman Show was funny, creative and over the top in a good way, just like the Dutch designer. The big plus is that you can find it in any Zeeman all around NL at very cheap prices, starting at 2.99 a piece. See the official video here. I got some underwear for me and the boyfriend…

I was at Tommy Hilfiger HQ here in Amsterdam… And I touched and smelled the clothes just out of the MB Fashion Week NYC… I love love love the collection. Love is not enough! I want everything. And everything means all the leather.

Next week more!


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