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September 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

I didn’t want to run today. I’ve been having a very lazy week overall and it’s taking me lots of effort to move and get outside with my sneakers on. Going to work, okay. Going for a sweat fest, not really in the mood. Maybe my body is kind of still distracted and somewhere else right now but it’s not moving or willing to. As I already skipped my work-out twice (max. permitted) this week, I had to go for a  run jog today. 7.45 AM, business men piling on the tram/metro stop; Laura wearing fuchsia running shirt and not-so-friendly face.

It was a hard jog. 10 minutes per km and 5 for a half km. I couldn’t do anymore. My legs didn’t want to go any further so I sprinted home to stretch, shower and forget about it.

I know some people have different running peeps, like always running the same route, (for long runs) eating at the same miles, wearing a charm or something… My only peep is that I always cover at least 2.4k, in every run/jog. No matter what, I have to at least do 2.4; less than 2.4 is not really a lot. Although I consider every 2.4 ride a short one, at least I feel like I did something. Oh, and a second peep would be keep running/exercising when you think you can’t do anymore (that’s why the 2.5km).

After the bad run, I had time to walk to Starbucks to get me some coffee (didn’t drink a single drop the whole week -trying to cut off caffeine intake, should do the same with carbs). Now it’s a happy morning.

I updated my Fitness Log and Dailymile with both yesterday’s and today’s work-outs. What do you think? What’s your work-out routine?


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