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September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday I tried something that scared me at first. The thought of having a lot of little fishes eating from my feet and hands was not an easy choice to make, but what could I lose? I visited the location in the heart of Amsterdam, right in the corner of Museumplein, and got a mix of different feelings out of the experience.

I had the Smaragd (Emerald in Dutch) treatment, which is not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. All the treatments start with the fish treatment, and then you can have add-ons to it. After having my hands and feet cleaned by one of the girls, I sat down on an armchair with 7 other people. The room was very quiet, with a big picture of the ocean on the side and blue lights everywhere. The girl explained the history of these little dead skin eaters -they are officially named Garra Rufa, and they come from the Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria mainly), and have some enzyme in their mouths that leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing! Who was the first to discover this?!

After 20 minutes having my feet and hands in the tanks I looked at them. Were they feeling nicer? Yes. Was it a weird feeling? Yes. Thoughts so far? Mmm.

We all came back to the room were the manicurists were working and were offered a drink and some chocolate goodies. The second part of the treatment was a feet and hands massage by one of the girls. Good, good, good. Especially the feet. I drank my cup of tea and time was up.

Overall feeling? I would not pay that much money to have the treatment again. And I don’t think it’s very sanitary either, I mean, I saw more than 30 people in the same tank that I was seating and nobody changed the water or, I don’t know, something hygienically looking. But, ALL the girls were very nice, the little patio downstairs is very zen and it’s something different and funny to give as a present for one of your besties.


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