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September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t know if people have thought about this before me, or I’m just the first lonely soul to get to say these weird thoughts out loud… But somehow I feel like I’m not alone at all. As you might know, I like to work-out. I kind of like it. I also walk a lot because I live in a city with very unreliable public transportation and because I have a dog (that needs to be walked, that is). If I’m carrying around a bag, an umbrella, a jacket, my books and the dog, I don’t have enough arms or will to write down what crosses my mind in that very moment.

Inspiration comes to me in the worst timing; I can suddenly come up with this wonderful idea for a post, for a photo, for a recipe, and I have nothing to write it on. So. Annoying. I wish I could somehow connect my brain to a computer or writing machine that could write down my thoughts while I actually think them, because most of the time I just forget about it and never re-think the same thing again. Boomer. Does that ever happen to other people?

I always have the brightest ideas when running or working out. I don’t why that is. Maybe it has something to do with getting more oxygen/blood in the brain? Does that mean that I will have more and better ideas the more I work-out? Not really. I’ve tried. It also happens when I’m in the tram, but I can’t see the connection between those two. Exercising I really like, being stuck between people, standing, for 10 stops, in the tram, not that much. But somehow those two situations help me get my little brains alive and create something good. Needless to say, I NEVER have a notebook with me when I run or I’m at the gym. (Who does??!!) And by the time I come home, shower, fuel and lay on the sofa I don’t even remember than I had an idea.

It kind of frustrates me that I don’t get to write down and keep everything that I think about because I know not all of them are good ideas, but at least it’s something I came up with and I can work on, but without anything written down… I get to the blank page. Nothing. Nowhere to start. No words will start walking on my screen. And that’s such a bad thing for a writer. If Ican’t write, what kind of writer am I? “A writer with unwritten ideas that like to do elliptical for 45minutes a day. And go to the office by tram.”


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