Fitness | Run today

September 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

I didn’t want to run today. I’ve been having a very lazy week overall and it’s taking me lots of effort to move and get outside with my sneakers on. Going to work, okay. Going for a sweat fest, not really in the mood. Maybe my body is kind of still distracted and somewhere else right now but it’s not moving or willing to. As I already skipped my work-out twice (max. permitted) this week, I had to go for a  run jog today. 7.45 AM, business men piling on the tram/metro stop; Laura wearing fuchsia running shirt and not-so-friendly face.

It was a hard jog. 10 minutes per km and 5 for a half km. I couldn’t do anymore. My legs didn’t want to go any further so I sprinted home to stretch, shower and forget about it.

I know some people have different running peeps, like always running the same route, (for long runs) eating at the same miles, wearing a charm or something… My only peep is that I always cover at least 2.4k, in every run/jog. No matter what, I have to at least do 2.4; less than 2.4 is not really a lot. Although I consider every 2.4 ride a short one, at least I feel like I did something. Oh, and a second peep would be keep running/exercising when you think you can’t do anymore (that’s why the 2.5km).

After the bad run, I had time to walk to Starbucks to get me some coffee (didn’t drink a single drop the whole week -trying to cut off caffeine intake, should do the same with carbs). Now it’s a happy morning.

I updated my Fitness Log and Dailymile with both yesterday’s and today’s work-outs. What do you think? What’s your work-out routine?


Beauty | Dr Fish experience

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday I tried something that scared me at first. The thought of having a lot of little fishes eating from my feet and hands was not an easy choice to make, but what could I lose? I visited the location in the heart of Amsterdam, right in the corner of Museumplein, and got a mix of different feelings out of the experience.

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Runway | Balenciaga SS12

September 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Balenciaga show, Thursday 29th of September, 10AM, direction only known if invited.

Of course the unlucky ones who didn’t get ANY invitations for Paris Fashion Week are browsing the internet like maniacs to try to get a glance on the Fashion Shows… 3rd day of the French mode edition and nobody knew here came a special delivery. As the invitees started to occupy their places, the benches started to break and let them on the floor. No matter how high their Fashion status was, they all fell flat to the same level. Too much Italian pasta last week, mes amis?

Twitter told me that the first benches to break had the Traina sisters and the Selfridges team sitting on them, Mario Testino hit the floor and Salma Hayek got injured, while everybody else accepted to stand up during the show to survive the bench crack.

Welcome… The only church I’d step in. Church of Nicolas Ghesquiere. Amen.

Source of all pictures and fashion knowledge:

Laura | It’s been a week

September 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

I’m still heartbroken. I’m still in pain. I’m not over it yet. I cry at night, every night. I remember him every time I get out of the house. I remember him every time I come home. He’s everywhere, yet I can’t find him anywhere anymore. And he’s not coming back. But he keeps following me. If I am honest, I don’t know how to get over it. I don’t know how to close a chapter that ended. I don’t know at all.

I’m still in silence. I’m still blinded. I still can’t understand how and why this happened. Right there, right at that moment.

It hit me, and only death has no turning back. There’s no option, there’s no choice. I’m here without you.

I remember you every day my angel, my moonshine.

Beauty | Essence&Cattrice Haul

September 17, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last week I picked up a few new beauty items at the drugstore, all budget friendly of course. I had two things in mind – the three new nail polishes from Chanel everybody is obsessed with, the Jeans, and the Ombre effect nails I had seen on Lauren Conrad. Monday is for Manicure Monday!

What do you think of my look a likes? These Essence nail polishes retail for less than two euros each so they’re a pretty nice steal compared to the 20+ Chanel ones. I also picked up a few nail care basics; nail polish remover, (new) soak in gloves, cuticle oil, cuticle removers and a four sided file. Cattrice had a new mini collection named Modern Muse and I had to bring home some more goodies!

Ombre nails result, manicure how-to and Cattrice mini-look to come.

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Event | Marie Claire Starters Award

September 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last Monday I had the pleasure to attend Marie Claire’s Starters Award at the Moooi Gallery in the name of Fashiolista. The location was an amazing art gallery hidden in the Jordaan (the most beautiful part of Amsterdam, if I can say so), and the reason was easy: celebrating that we can have it all, or as MC says: Think smart, look amazing!

The event was covered by press and famous fashion faces that made a boring Monday afternoon a perfect plan. Drinks and bites accompanied the tunes from DJ’s Claire and Sheila Hill in the pre and after award ceremony. Before we got to know the nominees we were delighted by an informal debate with two smart&amazing ladies, Gülsen Olcay from Supertrash and Joline Jolink, moderated by Thijs Römer. The jury was formed by some smart and amazing people too: May-Britt Mobach, Editor-in-Chief Marie Claire NL, Sanne Visser, Editor Sanoma, Thijs Weezenbeek, Senior Business Controller Sanoma, Martin Hegeman, Director Mercedes Benz NL and Gülsen Olcay, designer & owner Supertrash.

I know you want to know who took home the amazing prizes! But the first prize for this seventh edition of the MC Starters Award was for Frederique van der Wal, with her Frederique’s Choice, who won the Entrepreneur award.

The three finalists and nominees for the Marie Claire Starters Award were: Bahareh Panjeh Shahi with Kiss&Tell, Hanneke Stegweg with iLost and Susanne Koek with Koek&Zo. The winner of 5.000 euros to start her business, a year of Clarks shoes and a Smart car was Bahareh Panjeh Shahi, with her inspirational idea of making silk dresses without harming the planet -that includes material and workers. We can’t wait to see her collection, due in November 2011.

Photo credit: all pictures my own except the last two

Diary | Part II

September 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Oh well, I went 9 days without updating the blog. Shoot me, I am guilty. Or give me a weapon necklace.

The first and only reason why I didn’t upload that much (ok, nothing at all) this week is because I was going on a short trip to visit my family in Barcelona. It had been more than 3 months that I hadn’t seen them and it was amazing to go back! Not to mention, the 30-35 degrees and beach-pool combo. I also got some amazing stuff as presents! Scroll down if you’re curious…

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